Spots and Dots

In this week’s Lens-Artist photo challenge, Ann-Christine wanted people to have some fun with spotty and dotty things, or favourite spots that may or may not have dots. Even before lockdown (for a few more weeks, still, here), my favourite spot is my garden, and early yesterday morning I found lots and lots of dots. Here are a few…

A small strawberry leaf, with dots of morning dew collected at the tips of each point, each a tiny perfect globe of water.
Seed dots along the stalk of this faded Muscari.
Narcissus Poeticus var. recurvis – The Poet’s Narcissus – three small dots contained in a slightly larger spot.
Tiny bud dots waiting to burst open on this Bridlewreath spirea – Spiraea prunifolia.

May is the month when gardens in my part of Canada rush to catch up with gardens in more temperate regions. I’m eating early vegetables from the kitchen garden (asparagus and rhubarb and greens) and hardening off seed-started tomatoes and peppers for planting out in the next few days. This spot, and any garden, I’m sure, has dots galore, if you pause and look closely.


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