Flower Friday- Blue (mainly) Iris

For 49 weeks a year I think tall bearded Iris are a waste of garden space. Dandelions love to grow in impossibly tight spaces between their rhizomes. Leaves get tatty and mottled by the end of July, and are unremarkable the rest of the growing season. You’re supposed to divide the rhizomes every few years. Ugh.

But for three weeks in late spring, oh my! I don’t have a wide assortment of tall bearded Iris and I haven’t added any new varieties recently, but that doesn’t stop me from being enthralled by the beauty of the few now in bloom. Also just starting to bloom, almost like the garnish to an entree, are Siberian Iris.

Most Siberian Iris are shades of blue, although I’ve seen them in white and pink as well.
I’ve had this clump of beautiful sky blue Iris for many years now. Happy to say they don’t spread that much!
Can you see that humongous bumblebee?


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