Six on Saturday – 19/06/2021 – Hello Summer

OK, I’m a day early, but what’s a day amongst friends? Summer starts tomorrow in the northern hemisphere, bringing an end to a spring with gardens in my part of the world bursting with more colour that normal (it seemed), more ravenous insects than normal (it seemed – lookin’ at you, aphids and Gypsy Moth larvae!), dryer than normal (a fact, although the garden so far hasn’t minded much) and cooler than normal (also a fact, although I haven’t minded that at all!). I think for me, one of the most thrilling things in my garden this spring has been the birds. Robins, in particular, have become less and less afraid of me and have hung around a lot, building nests really close to the house, eating bugs and worms, waking me with their song around 4:00 every morning (and then, mysteriously, going silent around 5, as the sky starts to lighten). I’ve also enjoyed hearing geese, swans and loons as they pass overhead, and I’ve been enthralled and a bit afraid of the three humongous wild turkeys that have been passing through the yard recently. Anyway. It’s time for Six on Saturday – six things happening in your garden right now, a theme started by the Propagator, where you can find scads of other Sixes from around the world.

Three different daisy-like flowers with hot orange, summery petals start out my Six. This is Gaillardia – blanket flower. They self seed quite readily in gravelly soil that gets dry in summer.
Coreopsis has just started. It self-seeds even more readily that the blanket flower.

I moved two of my raised beds closer to the house to make watering easier. One has garlic and spinach and the other one has this mish mash of edibles and flowers. At the far end are artichokes, then yellow bush beans, carrots and chard. The large green things are strawflowers, the small green things close to this end are zinnias and of course marigolds are at the corners. And a dahlia! There’s a dahlia coming along in the front right corner, where the stick is. I kinda love this bed.

The final official Six – this is Stock – Matthiola incana. I’ve never grown it before but I’ve seen vases of cut flowers with it and thought I’d give it a try. Most of my plants are nowhere near blooming yet, but this little guy has started. The seed packet says the colour is ‘Vintage Brown,’ but it looks kinda pinky to me eh? I just discovered this flower is in the cabbage family Brassicaceae – which makes me wonder if they will attract the small white cabbage moth. We shall see.

Before I go – just wanted to share a couple bird shots. I’m not a good bird photographer. At all! But I did mention robins and wild turkeys so thought I’d share. On Friday I posted a few pictures of my Clematis texensis ‘Gravetye Beauty’ blooming a lot earlier than normal. Yesterday I realized a pair of robins have started to build a nest in the middle of the thick vines covering the tutoir. And on Friday morning, while I was in the middle of a video meeting, I looked out the window to see the three turkeys calmly strolling across the yard. I wish you all happy strolling this weekend!

Can you spot the robin?
Cell phone photo from quite a distance…But you get the idea, right?


  1. Our Gaillardia and Coreopsis are beginning to fade; there are as many seedheads as blooms at this point! Of course they began to appear in March, so there’s that. In fact, I often see our native Gaillardias well into the so-called winter months. I’ve found them in January, without knowing if they were late or early bloomers!

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  2. Interesting.. I have been seeing wild turkeys this week and the Gallardias in my garden are flowering and going to seed. Think it is day length? I like your mish mash bed especially with the cup of coffee.

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  3. I love daisy like flowers and am very taken with Coreopsis even though it is yellow! The best thing about a garden, I think, is when birds and insects come in and I love the sound of birdsong.

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