Flower Friday – Ninebark

Here’s a flowering shrub that’s native to much of North America – Physocarpus opulifolius. We call it ninebark because the bark, with as it ages, peels back in layers. Loved by pollinators, I’ve found it seeds easily in my back, wildish area, likely thanks to birds disbursing the seeds.

For my conditions, the best thing about this shrub is how hardy it is. They’ve survived dry spells that have felled trees and other shrubs, and will grow in pretty much any type of soil. Many cultivars have been created, especially ones with reddish leaves and pinky flowers, but I think my favourite remains the original.


  1. I always feel a little better when I consult The Map and find there’s a reason that I haven’t seen this or that plant. This is a very pretty one, but it clearly doesn’t find our southern (or western) states congenial! The flowers do resemble our Indian Hawthorn, or certain of our tree flowers. They’re very pretty; I’d be happy to have this one, too.

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    1. Yes, it “often struggles in the heat and humidity of the deep south…” (But don’t we all? 😁) I’m just pleasantly surprized when I spot a new one out back…I only seem to notice them in early summer, when in bloom.

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    1. I also have one the red leaved ones, I like it, but the flower clusters are smaller, it seems, and hasn’t become as graceful (with arching branches) as the species. Although that may be due to growing conditions/location…

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