In a Vase, on Monday, New Green Vase

I friend and I visited a few thrift stores in Bellevillle Saturday afternoon. It was my first large-scale retail adventure since March 2020 and it felt a bit strange, yet at the same time, familiar. My friend was looking for fabric and interesting denim, I was looking for inexpensive gardening duds and interesting vases. We were both lucky. Every Monday, Cathy at Rambling In The Garden encourages us to share a vase highlighting what is growing in our gardens. The flowers in my vase today sits in a thrift store find. I love glass, I really love green glass, and I REALLY love green glass vases with an interesting motif, such as the dragonfly on this small vessel. It looks to be pressed glass of some sort, of a shape that resembles an egg cup – but for a very large egg. Its shape doesn’t hold stems that well which is why I added a metal frog at the bottom.

I started with pink/salmon Zinnias, added ‘Silvery Rose’ straw flowers, then a few things with red to contrast with the green glass – Blanket Flower, Marigolds (Tagetes) and Coreopsis.

Here it is from above, a few hours after I had cut the stems. This gave the straw flowers time to open a bit:


  1. That vase sure does look like Depression glass or mid-century pressed glass. The yellowish tint brought to mind the so-called ‘vaseline glass’ that was so popular; it glows a purer green under a blacklight. In any event, it’s a pretty thing, and a terrific find. (You just got my collecting juices flowing again — must resist!)

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  2. I love that vase too, and your selection of ‘daisies’ – gaillardia never do well for me, which is a shame as the contrasting colours on their petals is so attractive. Will you be venturing out more now you have given it a try?

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