In a Vase, On Monday- Good Morning!

We awoke yesterday to another sultry, steamy morning, with an early mist hanging around doing its best to spread mildew on squash and tomato leaves. It was very atmospheric though, and provided an interesting background for today’s vase: a collection of Zinnias accented by a Begonia fimbriata stem.

That’s the sun rising, through a row of pine trees, just before 7 yesterday morning.

Many thanks to Cathy, who, every Monday, hosts In a a vase On Monday on her site, Rambling In The Garden. If you visit, you’ll see links to vases of cut flowers from gardeners all over the world. Have a great week everyone!!


  1. Good Morning! I was working much too late, so it is now a quarter after midnight. Well your delightful zinnias and begonia were how I started my Monday, although I must now get some sleep.

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    1. HI Cathy! Isn’t that green Zinnia cool? Looks like a small pom pom dahlia. It’s not sending up that many flowers and I keep cutting them…I need to let one go to seed to try and collect for next year…

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  2. The vase is beautiful. It looks like the Celadon glaze that I love. I’m taken with the green Zinnia, too. All of the colors work so well together, and your morning mist really does provide a perfect background.

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  3. Oh this is so effective, Chris, the way you have graduated the heights of the zinnias in the tall vase…looks a really useful technique, and the trailing begonia just softens it a little

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  4. Ha! I loved your comment concerning “an early mist hanging around doing its best to spread mildew.” Much as I appreciate the way our morning marine layer moderates our afternoon temperatures, it does have the side effect of promoting mildew on both dahlias and zinnias, usually leading me to yank both well before flower production ceases.

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