Six on Saturday – 18/09/2021 – My Dad’s Garden

It’s my dad’s birthday today – he’s 85 and lives, with my mom, on Vancouver Island. Their climate is similar to parts of England, so they can grow many things I can’t, have very little snow on the winter (usually) and get a lot of rain (usually) September through June. The trees are magnificent and huge and so varied. The mountains are magnificent and huge and the Pacific Ocean is neverending. I’ve spent the past week with them so for The Propagator’s Six on Saturday theme today I thought I’d share six things in my dad’s garden.

Berries from a mountain ash.
Berries from a Kousa dogwood.
Holly – there’s berries in there somewhere…
No berries, but just an idea of how high this Clematis will grow…
Frog. A planter my mom’s sister gave my parents about 45 years ago. Still smiling after all those years!


  1. Happy birthday to your father, enjoy these moments with the family. I do the same with mine because my parents are about the same age as yours (85-83)
    I heard on the radio that tourism is restarting in Canada and Quebec so I will be able to schedule my trip, perhaps for the summer of 2022 (as I wanted to do in 2020)

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  2. I LOVE the planter, Chris…and the fact that you posted SOX instead of Six….or maybe I missed something. I have 2 sisters living in BC now so hope to get out there for a visit maybe next year? Take care.

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  3. Oh my! Frog is CREEPY! I suppose that creepy was common half a century ago. Mountain ash is rad! I have never seen it, but have been wanting to grow it for several years. I finally got a pair of small rooted cuttings a few years ago, but have not seen them since the fire.

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  4. It’s wonderful that your parents are still celebrating birthdays, and that you were able to share this one with your dad. I was so surprised to see the blueberries. I guess the ones we see in the stores now that say ‘product of Canada’ aren’t mis-labeled! The Kousa dogwood berries were brand new to me — and I love that frog!

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