In a Vase, on Monday – Purple and White

The Macbeth-Evans Glass Company was established in 1899 after a merger between the glass companies of Thomas Evans and George A. Macbeth (Fifty years of glass making : 1869-1919. Gerstein – University of Toronto. Pittsburgh : Macbeth-Evans Glass company). It was headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, and made glass items for a wide range of industrial and commercial uses (including reflectors for searchlights in World War I); for a while in the early 20th century it was the world’s largest supplier of lamp glass. The company was eventually bought by Corning in 1936 but even before then it had started to create glass dinnerware, including sets of Depression Glass and items in milk glass. My Art Deco vase today is more like a cup with handles, and was likely manufactured in the very early 1930’s. Apparently, it could have been intended as a cigarette holder. I found it Saturday at a small vintage/antique shop here in Prince Edward County – Wild Oak Vintage. I thought the creamy white would be perfect for a single variety, strong coloured dahlia – such as ‘Seduction.’

Close-up of art deco milk glass vase - a cup with two horse head handles
Dahlia 'Seduction' in a creamy white art deco milk glass cup.
Dahlia 'Seduction' in a creamy white art deco milk glass cup.

Each Monday Cathy at Rambling In The Garden encourages us to share a vase highlighting what is growing in our gardens. We have a few more weeks of warm, early autumn temperatures here, and the Dahlias and Zinnias are really loving it! Have a great day, everyone!

Dahlia 'Secudtion' growing in the garden


  1. I’ve never been a fan of milk glass, but this combination really works. As I thought about it, I realized the one piece of family milk glass I always liked was a pedestaled cake plate. There’s a certain similarity between a chocolate cake on a milk glass plate and these beautiful flowers in a milk glass vase: simple, but effective. Both are worth drooling over!

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  2. I’ve always loved milk glass so can appreciate what a great purchase you’ve made. Your dahlias are stunning in and out of the vase. Here’s to enjoying every minute of bloom time we can!

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  3. Gorgeous, Chris. I love the vase and the Dahlias. My grandmother collected milk glass, so I like it. There are some weird containers for cigarettes and smoking. I have a vintage match striker I use for a vase. Enjoy Fall!

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