A Week of Flowers, Day Six

I started growing Zinnias four years ago, after discovering reading about them on a garden blog. Since then they’ve become the backbone of my cutting garden, and I’ve collected seeds from my favourites as well as purchasing different varieties year to year. Once they start blooming in early summer they’ll continue until a hard frost; for me this year that was mid October.

For the first two years I started them indoors, at the end of March. I discovered; however, that the seedlings I planted out at the end of May didn’t bloom that much sooner than seeds I planted directly in the garden, also at the end of May. Now I save my grow lights for things that really benefit from an early start, and direct sow all Zinnias. They’re THAT easy!

On this penultimate day of A Week of Flowers, the theme started by Cathy at Words and Herbs to brighten up the first seven days of December, I had to feature a Zinnia. I loved this plant in particular because its flowers are two toned, which is a bit unusual amongst the ones I’ve grown. These photos were taken on October 8. Happy Monday everyone!


  1. That is such a gorgeous colour Chris. I just saw zinnias on Eliza’s post too, and it reminded me to grow some again. I had no idea they can be sown direct, so that is good news as it is always a juggling act with finding space for pots of seedlings in spring. And your last photo is even more encouragement… October 8th is my birthday and it would be lovely to have a few late flowers until then. 😃

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    1. I can’t imagine my garden without Zinnias now, Cathy. As well as in the cutting garden, this year I had them in spots all over, providing splashes of colour throughout summer and early fall. Butterflies love them!

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  2. Zinnias were a mainstay of my grandmother’s cutting garden. The woman who’s created a little farm where I buy produce in season has added a large zinnia bed, and for $1.50, I can cut a bucketful of my own — as long as I can beat other zinnia lovers, of course.

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  3. Great bit of advice there, Chris. I’ve always started them in pots too, but will try direct sowing next year (and for the sunflowers!!!). Lovely pic – they are the zingiest flowers a gardener can plant!

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