1. There may not be another ‘sky sight’ that pleases me as much as the moon combined with the Belt of Venus. These are lovely. I especially like the second photo, that shows the road leading to the ‘belt,’ and a bit more of the shadow at its bottom.

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    1. Thank you! I have no idea what the Belt of Venus is – I’ll need to look it up – and if it’s in the photo I’m very happy at that unintended addition!! I just love a moon in the morning, amongst the trees, with a bit of sunrise colour…

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      1. Oh my gosh – just read a bit about it. I thought the name referred to a star constellation! Interesting that apparenty it’s more visible at sunset, and during summer; I’ve been noticing this beautiful colour more in the mornings, more this winter, and these photos were taken facing west, of course – away from the rising sun. Very cool!

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