Flower Friday – Gallant Galanthus

We’re in our typical late winter, almost spring weather pattern – in the past week it’s been sunny and warm (ie above freezing), sunny and really cold (ie well below freezing), torrents of rain (with the melting snow, this had helped create a nice seasonal pond in our front field) and, today, more snow. Also typical at this time of year, Snowdrops (Galanthus sp.) have made their first, tentative steps towards full bloom. Most are still under several inches of snow but this patch, in front of a west facing wall where the snow melts first every year, is already venturing out. A sure sign this long winter will definitely have an end – but not too soon.


  1. Sweet! I think I’ll have to put a patch of these in my rose garden (on the south side of the house). And maybe add a hellebore or two, if I can figure out how to shade them in the summer.

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    1. I would love some Hellebore, and some of my snowdrops, forget what variety/species, seem to prefer the semi shaded woodland area, which gets too dry in the summer for Hellebores, unfortunately. These snowdrops like full sun though.


  2. I think the snowdrops are delightful. I’d never seen one until a few years ago, when I found three or four in an old garden at a historic plantation. Then, I found a half dozen or so under a concrete bench in a cemetery down the coast. It amazed me that they’d survived at all, as warm as it gets down there, but maybe being under the bench helped them out. They certainly are pretty little things. (I think they were a different species, too; they had little green ‘medallions’ on the outside of the flower.)

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