On a warm late winter day…

On a warm day three days before spring, geese will fly north in huge V formations, robins will defend nest building territories, chipmunks will venture forth from warm hidden burrows and snow will melt, almost before your very eyes…


  1. Odd that our wildflowers are well behind schedule. At this point in 2019 and 2020, there were masses of flowers everywhere. Despite a few here and there, nothing is showing yet. We’re becoming as anxious as any northerner for their appearance! Your pairing of photos from a single day is a perfect reminder of how quickly things can change.

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    1. Have your nights been cooler than normal? I’m outside right now…the birds are twittering like crazy (one day I need to take lessons on how to identify birdsong…) and, for the first time this year, temperatures did not fall below freezing overnight. It’s the time of year I have a need to walk around several times a day to see what’s sprung up!

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      1. Most of us think last year’s terrible, abnormal freeze across all of Texas has gotten things off schedule. And of course some things simply froze to the ground, and aren’t coming back. It may take another year for the cycle to reestablish itself.

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