Six on Saturday – 30APR2022 – Propagation

End of April, all of May – the busiest time of the year for gardeners in Ontario. We’re rushing like mad fools cleaning up and preparing beds for the season, then we’re rushing like mad fools planting everything, trying to take advantage of reputed cool days with enough rain to help settle everything in. I say reputed because it’s not uncommon for spring to depart quite quickly at some point in May, allowing hot, 20 plus degree days to settle in. So I’ve already planted some cool weather greens ( lettuces in my DIY cloches shown in the feature photo,above, spinach and a first sowing of snap peas) and started to harden a few things off, like these Ranunculus. I started them in the tray on March 31 and I’ll be planting them out late next week, after gradually getting them accustomed to sunlight and cool nights.

I’m really happy with my seed starting this year. Almost everything has come up as planned, and the only misstep, I think, is once again starting the tomatoes way too early. These were started on March 13, which is 10 weeks before an anticipated planting date of May 22. I started them about three weeks too early, I’d say. Note to self…

I spent a bit of time last October letting Calendula flowers go to seed, then collecting and saving them, then starting them under lights last month. Another note to self, what a waste of time. Who knew the seeds would remain viable outside, in the garden where they fell, through our freezing cold winter? Here are the seedling I spotted the other day as I started to prepare the kitchen garden…

I started a few new things this year, this tray of Jalapeno peppers, started March 26:

And these Cardinal Climber vines – Ipomoea x multifida – started just 10 days ago, I love how these first leaves look, so similar to morning glories, another climber in the same genus:

And I think that’s my SIx for this week! Every Saturday, The Propagator encourages gardeners around the world to share six things that are happening in their garden. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I’ve grown Morning Glory for the first time this year. Like you I have some plants which I started too early, My Dahlias are almost climbing out of the conservatory for the garden, but we are still having frosts.

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  2. It’s true that your tomatoes are beautiful and high already ! But you have to be able to slow them down a bit to last a few more weeks. On the contrary, I find that you are perhaps a little behind on your peppers. But certainly the season starts a little later for you and ends later.

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      1. You have to lower the temperature but give light. 10° approximately. You can also cut the lower leaves and repot them by burying the stem so that the plant will concentrate to reform roots before the leaves. Otherwise, the solution would have been to put them in slightly larger pots and let them grow on small stakes… 2-3 weeks will be OK ( I hope)

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