In a Vase, on Monday – Two Tone Daffodils

I’d say my garden is a day or two beyond peak daffodil season. Several varieties have almost faded away; several have started to fade away; several have just started to open and one is a few days from opening. I planted a new variety last fall (Tahiti – one of those just starting to open) and I wanted to showcase it, but I find myself underwhelmed with its frilliness. Instead, I added a few stems to a blue glass vase filled with other bi-coloured daffs. Some are short (like Tahiti) and one is just massive – name, unfortunately, unknown. I have a lot of them in clumps all over and I just love them.

That’s Tahiti, on the bottom right.
Here’s the vase of daffs; I love how the giant ones are pointing up, to the sky, to the rising sun (photos were taken yesterday just before 7:00 a.m.), to a perfect spring day.


  1. Daffodils AND tulips! They’re beautiful. The former are but a distant memory in my garden and the latter something I only have in dreams.


      1. Oops, I did not say that correctly. What I meant is that these are pretty here on your blog. I do not grow them in my own garden. I sort of agree with crabapple though, since they are so pretty in other people’s gardens, but I would not want to prune one, . . . and I can prune just about anything.

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      2. I just have memories of trying to rake up all the fallen apples…and for so long here, all crab apple leaves succumbed to a blight mid summer and the trees looked quite horrible most of the year. There are new, resistant varieties, I’ve been told.

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      3. My first flowering crabapple generated tiny fruits that were about as big as blueberries. There were not turkeys to eat them there. The tree was small, but now that you mention it, the fruit was a bother. Fruiting crabapples would not be so messy if I take the fruit first, but they are not as pretty in bloom either.

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    1. We’ve had a bit of a heat wave this week, which is casing many bulbs to flower then fade really fast – so happy I planted several varieties of daffs/tulips so their season is extended a bit.


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