In a Vase, on Monday – Iris and a Peony

The first peony of the year opened in my garden on Saturday. It was growing in an out of the way part of the garden, neglected and overgrown, so instead of feeling guilty snipping it off for today’s vase, I felt like I was doing it a favour. I mean, if I didn’t bring it inside, to sit on the dining room table amongst other late spring blooms, would anyone ever see it, appreciate it, take a whiff of its delectable fragrance? I thought not.

Every Monday Cathy at Rambling In The Garden invites us to share a vase highlighting what is growing in our gardens. In my garden right now, peonies are taking centre stage, as are tall bearded Iris and lupins (although the lupins are a few days past their prime, and beginning to create those marvelous seed pods). (Yes, that’s an old sheet I’m using as a backdrop.)

Growing in the same area as the pink peony are these incredibly tall and blue Iris. I’ve had them for about thirty years – they traveled to the County with me when we moved here – and I have no idea what their name is.

Also in the vase is another Iris variety, name, again, unknown, plus the peony and a few small, just opening lupins that I had to dig out of the asparagus bed. The thing about tall bearded Iris, aside from the colour, is the actual beard. So fuzzy. So bizarre. So intricate.

This vase will likely last all week inside, all I’ll do is snap off the spent Iris blooms as they start to mush up. Have a great week everyone!


  1. How lovely to be able to show all your treasures off after your long winter – I especially love the emerging lupin spikes which I want to reach out and touch!

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  2. Much as I adore peonies (which, with the exception of one Majorcan peony, I can’t grow), i’m most envious of your bearded Iris this week. I had only a handful of blooms from mine this year, most of which were quickly incinerated by ill-timed heat spells. However, I’m holding out hope that I get another round of bloom this fall as many of them are considered “reblooming” varieties.

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  3. Nice combination , I sometimes feel bad about taking flowers out of the garden…not often and I always enjoy them in the house. I love the old unnamed Iris, there are so many and the blue ones are so pretty.

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  4. Okay, this is just a guess, but could those iris be common Iris pallida? Do you see the same commonly growing elsewhere? That was my first thought in regard to the first picture, although they look bluer in the second picture. Iris pallida are light blue or pale purplish blue.

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