In a Vase, on Monday – It’s Summer Tomorrow

Every Monday Cathy at Rambling In The Garden encourages us to share a vase highlighting what is growing in our gardens. Right on time for summer, cutting garden flowers have started to bloom. including Ranunculus and Echinacea. Interestingly, I started my Ranunculus early this year, in in cool basement in March, instead of planting them directly in the garden mid April. Doesn’t seem to have made a difference in blooming time though – my records show that they were in full bloom at almost the exact same time this year as last. I transplanted them into a raised bed this year though, which has made it easier to monitor and, this morning, cut.

I added a few things from the garden, such as this yellow ‘weed’ that springs up everywhere. It may be a wild mustard or canola…Also the first Echinacea in bloom. It’s a cross between E. pallida and E. purpurea, plus another one I forget… Finally, I had to cut back some Ox Eye Daisies (Leucanthemum vulgare) that had fallen over a path. I love how the little flower stems quickly started to grow upright after the stems fell over…makes for interesting shapes in the vase.

Have a great week everyone!


    1. Oh no!! (…insert one of those Home Alone imogees…hands clasping face in horror…) Have they done well in previous years?

      The bulbs are so weird and shrivelled when they start out I’m amazed they turn into this gorgeous flower!


    1. It’s really subtle, isn’t it? Even today, with flowers fully open and looking huge (yet still smallish – it’s just there are SO many petals), the slight hint of a rosey colour is barely noticeable.


    1. I bet it can! Amazingly, the flowers shown in this post are STILL in that vase today, June 29. Looking very full and blowsy, as if the petals will fly off into the breeze. They’re such a wonderful flower.


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