In a Vase, on Monday – Back Porch Vase

I placed a stool on our back porch a few weeks ago, wanting somewhere to put a glass of water or sandwich when I’m sitting in the comfy chair, resting between gardening chores. It’s also the perfect spot for a blowsy, informal vase of flowers. I’m just rambling around this morning, watering where needed (ie almost everywhere…), and found a few blooms…

This spot is especially useful for stems that I’ve cut accidentally, or if they’re growing over a path…

Blanket flowers and Ox Eye Daisies growing into the driveway

Or if I just like the shape and want them a bit closer…

Drumstick Allium starting to show some colour

Or some touchable fragrance…

So Much Dill and Tarragon right now

To see other vases from summer (and perhaps winter) gardens around the world, visit Cathy’s site, Rambling in the Garden.

Have a great week everyone!!


  1. The combination of Indian Blanket and daisies (in my case the so-called ‘lazy daisy,’ or Aphanostephus skirrhobasis is one I see growing wild on the back side of our dunes. I’ll be posting an image or two of them in a beach-related post as soon as I get the photos processed. It’s a wonderful combination wherever it’s found: on a beach or on a bench.

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  2. That’s a lovely stand of drumstick allium, Chris! I should really plant mine in little groups rather than dotting them around. They go well with the herbs and range of daisies in your vase and you have made me realise I need a little table or stool just big enough for my coffee or tea and perhaps a piece of cake (maybe a posy too!), but with no space for magazines or papers…!! Thanks for sharing today

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  3. That wall makes a beautiful backdrop to show off the Gaillardia flowers. Yourgarden looks very floriferous! I had just 2 drumstick Alliums make an appearance this year so I’m exceedingly envious of your bountiful display.

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  4. Nice, I like the casual wildflower look! We have a flower in common this week – is this a first? I have Gallardia flowering now, yours looks taller, I have a feeling you are doing a better job watering. Or maybe it is just cooler in Canada? We are in the high 80s (F) It feels like high 90s or steam bath here.

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    1. No watering at all for that part of the garden, but I think the heavy clay soil may retain moisture more than your sandy soil? Also, definitely cooler here!I don’t think it’s even hit 30 yet this year (85 Fahrenheit) here, although with the humidity it’s certainly felt that way once or twice. Happily, it’s turned into a rain day today!!

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