In a Vase, on Monday – Last Lily Standing

Two springs ago I planted five ‘Tinilco’ Asiatic lilies and boy, did they ever come up beautifully this year! I was all set to enjoy a few weeks of their deep maroon loveliness but the gardening gods had other plans – almost all the buds were nipped off, some just a day before opening, others well before the colour started to show. Very sad. There’s still orientals, trumpets and Tiger lilies (L. lancifolium) to come, and so far, knock on a huge chunk of wood, they show no sign of whatever it was that doomed the Tinilco’s. We shall see. In the meantime, it’s Monday, when Cathy at Rambling in the Garden kindly holds space for folks all over to show off a few cut flowers from their garden. Yesterday I cut the final surviving Tinilco blooms to add to my little ikebana vase.

Yes, that’s a radish. A large radish. I should have cut in in half, because the inside is a similar colour to the lily.

Radish ‘Rido Red’

I added a single soft pink Echinacea purpurea bloom, even though it turns out to be not really wanted on this voyage, a few Ox Eye Daisies (Leucanthemum vulgare) that are starting to go to seed in the garden, and a handful of Calendula. These pot marigolds have surprised me – not only did they spring up, unbidden, from last year’s dead-headed seed pods in the kitchen garden, but they’re proving both floriferous and incredibly drought tolerant, having received no water by my hand and very little rain these past four weeks. Perky perky perky!

If we’re lucky there may be a thunderstorm or two in the next couple days; otherwise, nothing but hot sunshine in the forecast. Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I occasionally buy a green radish with a red center that shows up in our farmers’ markets. It’s commonly called the watermelon radish, and that’s just what it tastes like. They’re as pretty as a flower, I’d say.

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  2. Love how the dark centres of the calendula mirror the dark stamens of your lilium. I’m sorry most of your display was eaten – at least you can enjoy a few close-up in your arrangement.

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  3. ‘Tinilco’ is a gorgeous color. Heartbreaking to have so many nipped but glad you could enjoy this one. (rabbits go some of mine this year that were in ground but those in a large pot survived).

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  4. That last photo is gorgeous Chris and shows how well the colours complement each other. The radish is so pretty – and curiosly I gave just sampled a radish today (not as pretty as yours!) for the first time in many many years! Shame about the first lilies though…

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  5. You made good use of the last remaining lilies, Chris. Best wishes for a rainy day – or two! I swear that I heard one of the local weather forecasters mention the possibility of a thunderstorm here later this week but, even if I heard that correctly, the chance appears to have evaporated 😦

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  6. A beautiful arrangement in your little ikebana vase Chris. Great patch of Calendula too. I love it when plants come back unexpectedly… I have some antirrhinums that have appeared late in the season for the last three years now, right next to my front door!

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  7. And I thought I had weird bugs! Do you know what ate the lily buds? So disheartening. Though I love your other choices and the calendula looks magnificent. I had some weird bronze Calendula last year, like yours better and the vase is wonderful with the color and texture mix.

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