Six on Saturday – 06AUG2022 -Hot and Humid

It’s not that the garden doesn’t love heat, it’s that the garden doesn’t love heat when not accompanied by the occasional rainfall. It’s not that I don’t love heat, it’s that I don’t love heat when accompanied by high humidity. So neither the garden nor the gardener are terribly thrilled with the current weather pattern. I know I’m not alone though, and I know it’s one of those so-called ‘first world problems’ so I definitely should not be complaining. Especially since I saw a headline yesterday that predicted a colder and snowier winter is not too far off!

So here’s Six on Saturday, a meme hosted by The Propagator, with six photos of my blooming garden.

A cluster of Rose of Sharon flowers, white with a burgundy centre
Rose of Sharon – Hibiscus syriacus.
This flower looks like a very tall (four feet or so) Black Eyed Susan - stalks bear several flowers, they're very skinny stalks that sway beautifully in a breeze
Prairie or Gray Head Coneflower – Ratibida pinnata
Liatris, also called Gayfeather, for some reason, is a tall spike like flower with purple florets that open from the top down.
Liatris. To my eye, they look terribly out of focus. But if you click on the photo to enlarge it they appear a bit sharper.
Ironweed is a tall native flower with umbels of deep purple flowers at the top of the stalk.
Ironweed – Vernonia
picture of a Dahlia flower - honey rust colour, large pom pom flower
Dahlia ‘Ferncliff Spice.’ One of six Dahlias in the garden – it’s been so dry the others are barely a foot or two high, with nary a flower bud to be seen…
Photo of a large goldenrod in bloom - yellow-gold flower
I know…it’s barely August, the Goldenrod should definitely NOT be blooming yet. But there it is…


  1. I’m astonished by your goldenrod. A prodigy, that one. Speaking of over-achieving plants, I just realized I never posted a photo of a Liatris I found in east Texas; one bloom stalk was taller than I am. It must have been six feet tall!

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