Six on Saturday – 17SEP2022 – last Weekend of Summer

Just…heavy sigh…

I was trying for an action shot of the bumble bee…then I noticed the latest pest to make a home in my garden – the spotted asparagus cucumber beetle. I’m not sure what it’s doing in this New England Aster, but its relatives are loving a nearby rose and King Tut grass…
Goldenrod with (foreground) and without (background) a mid June Chelsea Chop. None of the goldenrod in my yard has been planted – it just pops up in any bare patch of soil it finds. The Chelsea Chop, if you didn’t know, is the cutting back of some flowers at the end of spring/beginning of summer. It encourages branching which produces more flowers, and for really tall plants, like these and like some Asters and some annuals, it prevents them from getting tall, gangly and falling over. Problem is, perhaps just for goldenrod, the resulting flowers are only about half the size, volume wise, as those left un-chopped.
I planted two Pelagorums in an urn in late May. They’ve flowered non stop since them, as they were expected to, in salmon and peach shades that I quite like. Although it would be easy enough to store them in the basement over winter, it would mean re-potting them and then finding a spot for them in early spring amongst the tomatoes and peppers under the grow lights. Not sure it’s worth it…

Mid September and the Big Blue Salvia (Salvia longispicata x farinacea) I started from seed mid-March have finally decided to start blooming! I really liked them last year – these were started from seeds collected almost exactly a year ago – and will try to grow them again so will need to buy fresh seed as I doubt there is time for these to ripen before our mid to late October hard frosts.

Every Saturday Jon, The Propagator, invites gardeners around the world to showcase six things in their gardens. This week I predict you’ll see daffodils in New Zealand, semi-tropicals in northern France, full tropicals in south Florida as well as loads of luscious yet fading blooms in Great Briton. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I nearly had a heart attack when I read “low twenties…mid-teens” for temperatures. Then, I remembered: celsius. I love seeing that clematis. I looked for some on my last visit to Walden West, but the new vines that were emerging last spring seem to have disappeared. Perhaps something ate them.

    When I saw your beetle, my first thought was that it was a cucumber beetle. What we call asparagus beetles are orange with black spots. So many insects, so much confusion!

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    1. Although I had no desire to cause a major medical event, I did wonder what a few southern readers would think…😆😆😆. And yes – it’s definitely a cucumber beetle, identified for me a few weeks ago. Late night brain fog whispered asparagus for some reason!

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  2. I love your Asters again. The salvia here did the same, think it was a dry summer reaction.?All the salvia is flowering here now. I have had some weird Goldenrod experiences, not consistent. Interesting about the chop.

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