Six on Saturday – 01OCT2022 – Changing Colours

Autumn has definitely arrived here – leaves on many maples have started to change colour, as have the leaves on dogwoods, such as red osier (Cornus sericea), above, and Pagoda dogwood (Cornus alternifolia):

Foliage of some perennials is also starting to turn, such as these tiger lilies (Cornus sericea):

Some annuals have already faded and have been tossed into the compost pile, while others have never looked better, such as the Lobelia in my back porch sconce. They have been all right all summer, but really started to perk up as the days and nights have grown cooler:

Plants in a couple other containers also continue to impress, such as this sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas) and these Coleus:

I purposefully mowed around this cluster of white asters last year and this year, enjoying how they grow to look, from a distance, like a small shrub. That’s a newly planted lilac on its right – it will soon tower above the flower. Not a tightly packed Heath Aster – something a bit more blowsy that self seeds and spreads via underground runners:

Finally, the changing look of Hylotelephium spectabile (formerly Sedum spectabile). This cultivar with reddish leaves and deep red flowers was vibrant and covered with bees a few weeks ago. Yesterday, covered in a thick morning dew, it’s taking on its winter look.

That’s six things in my garden this week…to see Sixes from around the world, including some springtime flowers from the other hemisphere, take a look at The Propagator’s site. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Goodness, the dogwood foliage looks like it is getting an early start; but heck, it is now October! Our dogwood foliage was starting to dry out last week, because that is what it does, but if it lasts long enough, it can get impressive color. I know it is not like it is in your region, but to me, it seems to be impressive. I am in Los Angeles now, so nothing like that is happening here.

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  2. When I looked up your sweet potato vine, I saw it has purple flowers. We have a wild potato vine — Ipomoea pandurata — that has white flowers, but several of our other Ipomoea morning glory species have purple flowers, too. I love the color of the leaves on this one.

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  3. Hi Chris, I saw on the Internet that the colors have changed in Quebec… Isn’t it a bit later than usual? I remembered it was around mid September, maybe I’m wrong
    I have seen many pots and containers filled with sweet potatoes in Montreal and Quebec, like yours. Here I grow them in the ground, in the vegetable garden but it’s a very pretty leaf according to the different varieties which makes me want to grow many more next year.

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    1. Leaves in Quebec should have started by now – we’re a bit south – and our big red maples have started. Sugar maples, another species with good fall colour, haven’t started to turn yet. Ash trees have, but I think that’s because they’re all half dead anyway due to Emerald Ash Borer. Plus they naturally are among the first to turn…

      I was surprised by how vigorous the sweet potato vine was…had to trim it back several times. This yellow leaved cultivar didn’t produce any flowers, but the darker leafed one did.

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