1. During the heatwave and then a bout of Covid I did not get our wood split as early in the year as I usually do so still have about a half cord to go. Not overwhelming but by now it’s usually done and tarped. We’ve had about 6 fires so far but last night’s frost tells us it’ll likely be nightly now for a few months.

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    1. Covid slowed down a lot of things for folks the year eh? Glad you’ve recovered!

      We tend to save the wood stove for really cold days/nights – otherwise it gets too hot inside. So, November/December – February/March. We’ll go thru about 3 cords…

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      1. Our stove is in the basement so no problem overheating. Once we start it is pretty much non-stop except for days like the January thaw. It dies down over night and we start it up the next evening. During the day the sun keeps things comfortable.

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  2. Well, some people probably would find a way to be offended, but your photo reminded me of an old joke from my childhood. One Indian says to another, “A hard winter’s coming.” When the other asks why, the first says, “White man building big wood pile.”

    I learned that one from my dad, about the same time I learned what’s black and white and re(a)d all over — the newspaper, of course!

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