Flower Friday – Cats and Plants

Sorry – no cat photos. But we adopted two in the spring, only to discover a) that they loved to nibble on any foliage that they can reach, and b) many house plants are poisonous. So out went most of my indoor tropicals, either because they soon looked too tatty to tend to, or I was too fearful for my new feline friends. I have just a small handful left, including these two Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) that have bloomed for many years. They (plus the Rosemary I brought in for the winter) sit on a high table, catching a bit of sunshine, guarded on the edge of the table by a ring of potted, spiny succulents. We’re only through a third of winter but so far cats and plants are safe.


  1. My Dixie Rose lived indoors for eighteen years, and I made her happy by bringing home a weekly container of lovely green organic wheat grass from the grocery store’s produce section. If you don’t know that trick, it’s great. The grass would keep fresh for a week, and she could nibble to her heart’s content.

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