Six Snowy Scenes on Saturday

I feel like winter has finally arrived here. Every Saturday, Jim Stephens, who writes in Garden Ruminations, encourages gardeners around the world to share six things that are happening in their garden. In my Canadian garden everything is covered in snow and I love it. Especially after a fresh snowfall like we had last Wednesday and again Thursday night. More is expected tomorrow and, with temperatures finally staying below freezing, the snow will likely remain for a while. Here is my winter garden – photos taken Thursday morning – and yes, the world appeared to be black and white and grey – no Photoshop this week.

Looking up the driveway
Part of the front yard
This is a pine tree.
Two spruces
Sedums at the side patio
Out back

I love how the heavy snow has weighed down evergreen tree branches – reminds me of trees in the Rockies or the Alps. Even the tough as nails Juniperus virginiana, ubiquitous here and seen in the top, featured photo (a seventh shot this week…), is no match for the snow and is, indeed, unrecognizable. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


      1. Haha, so true! We drove down to Illinois this morning, maybe an hour drive. Hardly any traffic, and the snow had not really begun accumulating. Made for light traffic. Now back home, quiet, not many people out.

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      1. Okay, but SNOW!?!? That would be devastating here. Redwood trees are not accustomed to the weight of snow. Only a few that live in the highest elevations contend with it. Such weight would dislodge many limbs from redwoods as well as douglas firs, and such limbs falling from hundreds of feet up are extremely dangerous.

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