In a Vase, on Monday – D & T

Last week it was D & H (for Hyacinths) and this week it’s a handful of early tulips that I cut to mix with daffodils in today’s vase of cut flowers. Over in England, Cathy hosts this weekly gardener’s delight called In a Vase on Monday.

I love how some flowers close tight at night, only to open wide the next day. These ‘Toronto’ tulips are like that, petals demurely clenching together as the sun sets, then, as I’ve previously described, opening wider than a Toulouse-Lautrec dancer’s legs in the bright midday sunshine. Raindrops left over from Friday night’s storm made them even more appealing early yesterday morning when these stems were cut.

…and noonish.

Wishing you loads of spring flowers or autumn blooms this week!


  1. Ah! I know nothing about far Eastern Canada, but these look so Canadian to me anyway because of their popularity in British Columbia. I did not see them there either, but was told that I should while I was close. I saw quite a few in Western Washington.

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