Six on Saturday – 02/04/2021 – the sprouting continues…

I really love crocuses – or Croci , if you prefer. Big ones, small ones, white ones, orange ones, purple ones…white and purple ones…Bees love them too, and they’re one of the earliest bloomers in my garden (starting just as the snowdrops end, and before daffodils etc start) so I think they’re a wonderful addition […]

Six on Saturday – 07/11/2020 – Survivors & Victims

We’re in the midst of a November heat wave – sunny and mid teen temperatures. Unheard of really. Unfortunately, it was preceded with our first hard frost, last weekend, which was a death knell for most annuals and vegetables. Luckily I had picked my cucumber (it was delicious) and all remaining tomatoes (green or otherwise) […]