Lovin’ the Sun!

These last days of 2017 have been really really cold but mostly bright and sunny. I’ve enjoyed bundling up and being outdoors snowshoeing or running along our well ploughed side roads while the garden hibernates under a think blanket of insulating snow. I’m experimenting with black and white photography – it’s ideal for this time of year I think.

Sunbather December 28 2017

pathway to the composter December 28 2017

Pathway to the composter! Garlic raised beds at the back.

Blowin’ in the Wind

Grasses in the Wind Oct 28 2017

I’ve had this tall grass for years – name long forgotten – and have divided it and moved clumps all over.  I’m re-learning how to use a SLR camera – this time a digital one – and here is the result of an experiment with a long exposure and a moving object.