Six on Saturday – Signs of Spring

Galanthus elwesii March 30 2018 small

This holiday long weekend is much sunnier – so far – than the weather channels had predicted, with seasonal temperatures for a change.  I think it might just be a blip though because it’s been cooler than normal so far this spring and there’s snow predicted for later next week.  Heavy sigh.   Plants know what time of year it is though – here are six signs that spring is underway in Southeastern Ontario, and a tip of my Tilly to The Propagator for this theme.

Acer pensylvanicum leaf bud March 30 2018 small
Acer pensylvanicum leaf buds swelling.  This small understory tree is also called Striped Maple because the bark of young branches has attractive vertical stripes, or Moose Maple because in Northern Ontario moose are fond of nibbling on the branches.
Lilac leaf bud March 30 2018 small
It’ll be about a month and a half before bloom but these Lilac flower buds are starting to swell.
Clematic leaf bud March 30 2018 small
The buds on this Clematis durandii have broken.  It’s a favourite rambling Clematis – I have it clambering over large rocks and amongst daylilies where the large purple flowers make a statement.
Sorbaria sorbifolia bud March 30 2018 small 2
False Spirea – Sorbaria sorbifolia – it just can’t wait to get a jump on spring!
Daffodil flower buds March 30 2018 small
Daffodils – I’m guessing they’ll be open next Saturday but you never know.  It’s not going to be much about zero for the next few days, with some snow expected later in the week.  These full size Narcissus are in a warmish micro climate in the yard; the tiny Tete a Tete – usually the first to bloom – are in a cooler spot and have just poked out of the ground. 
Galanthus elwesii March 30 2018 small
Snowdrops – Galanthus elwesii – have been in bloom for more than a month now.  Really – it’s the only thing I can count on for March.



  1. Somehow I’ve missed your previous Six posts so have been catching up. And realising that I really must make time (ha!) to get to know how to use a camera properly. You do take really good photos. Daffs are a law unto themselves. They seem often to show promise and then go back to sleep before flowering when you’re not looking. Here in Wales we aim to have them in flower on 1 March (our national saint’s day) but whatever I do, I’ve only ever managed that once in 25 years here. My biggies will be in flower next week I think but my tete-a-tetes are close to going over.


  2. Really nice pictures Chris! All around buds was a very good idea. My favorite is the first red; I had to googling to look at the stripped bark. Perhaps you will realize another SixonSaturday about bark? …


  3. Love the striped maple A LOT & the lilac bud – so much colour. I’ll have to start looking more closely at buds. Didn’t know sorbaria was false spirea! And its little leaf buds are so wonderful. Lovely photos, great six.


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