Searching for Colour in Allan Gardens

Orchid Holiday ‘Tree’ in Allan Gardens Conservatory

November set a record for lack of sunlight in my neck of the woods.  Seriously, we had less sunshine than Vancouver.  If you’ve ever lived in Vancouver in November your jaw just dropped, recognizing how dismal and grey it must have been here.  December hasn’t been much better although we have had a few days of glorious sunshine.  We’ve had a few inches of snow now and then since mid November, but it’s melted right now (although it’s stayed quite chilly!) and my garden, although there are green conifers and semi-evergreen perennials, plus bright green moss and some still green grass, is mainly brown and grey.

In search of a shot of colour I visited the city owned Allan Gardens Conservatory in downtown Toronto last week.  I wasn’t disappointed!  The sprawling greenhouse complex has been decked out with multitudes of multicoloured Cyclamen, Azalea, Kalanchoe and. of course, Poinsettia, incorporating witty and cheerful holiday themed figures and designs.   A visit there is the perfect antidote to the early winter blahs and all of us SAD sufferers!  Here are a few of the sights that made me smile. This holiday show runs until January 9 – if you’re in Toronto during the next few weeks, don’t miss it!


  1. What is that big citrus fruit to the left of the little house looking thing? It looks like a shaddock, but that would be an odd fruit tree to devote limited greenhouse space to. I suspect that it is a ‘Ponderosa’ lemon.

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  2. That green creature w/the Santa hat & long nose really made me laugh. All those beautiful colours, what a wonderful place to visit this time of year.

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