Six on Saturday – 02/08/2019 – Mainly Honeybees

The first Monday in August is a holiday in most of Canada – different provinces call it different things, but really, it’s just an excuse for a long weekend in the middle of summer. Any why not? It’s hot, it’s sunny, our winters are long and cold…It’s a perfect weekend for camping, hiking, cycling, eating and, of course, gardening. Even the bees love this time of year. I have two hives at the back of the property this year (wrote about it a few weeks ago here), and the bees were out in force yesterday, gathering honey and nectar from just about every flower they could find. Here are some examples:

1 – Just outside the back door, in the herb garden, is an oregano patch. Every year I let it flower since it attracts a huge variety of pollinators.

Honey bee of oregano flowers

2 – I saved some seeds from last year’s marigold – Tagetes ‘Fireball’ and they germinated readily enough. This variety has different shades of orange and red flowers – bees seem to find them useful.

Honey bee of orange marigold

3 – The keeled garlic – Allium carinatum – is blooming beautifully – caught this bee hanging on to the tip of one teh tiny flowers.

Honey bee at the tip of an Allium carinatum - purple keeled garlic - flower

4 – Here are the hives this weekend – buzzing with activity. When it was really really hot last week the sound from the hives was remarkably loud — thousands of bees flapping their wings, creating a living air conditioning system so that the queen and eggs could manage the heat.

5 – Now for something completely different – a shed! Neighbours moved a few kilometres away and gave us their shed. This is not your normal pre-fab metal or composite wood shed. It’s real wood, really heavy and, as it turns out, not nearly large enough! Very grateful to have it though as it means I’ve moved the lawnmower and an assortment of tools off the back porch.

6 – One more bee shot to end today’s Six. I have loads and loads of Echinacea – it really loves our clay soil and self seeds like crazy. If you’d like to see garden photos from around the world, click over to The Propagator’s site – he hosts this amazing blog meme every week.

Honey bee on purle coneflower


  1. I’m thinking of having hives in my garden for next year. I’m impressed that the bees made their own AC to protect the queen. I did not know that could exist !
    Nice last picture with the echinacea…

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  2. At one point years ago, I picked up a beekeeping book…The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture…at a yard sale and considered getting into it. But as with many things in life, there wasn’t time or money then and it is now out of the question. But it sure would be good to help add to their numbers. We pretty much only see bumbles here lately. Kudos to you for doing your part.


      1. At my former home, my outhouse was built on top of a hollowed redwood stump, and my shower was built inside of another burned out redwood stump. Such big stumps make nice out buildings. I would have liked to build guest cabin inside another much larger stump.

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  3. Man o man, I’m having major shed envy here. Was it difficult to move to your property? Well worth it, I imagine. That keeled garlic is gorgeous. An image search indicates that I ordered some in this year’s bulbs for next year, so lucky choice for me! I come from a long line of Appalachian bee keepers, clear back to the days when they used to set out bait for the bees so they could follow them back to the tree. My father wore no gear & only used a bit of smoke to manage them. A bee keeper here in the UK told me that the European ones are more aggressive & no keeper would work w/o gear. Saying that, if you’re not the one opening the hive, you can venture quite close, even to European hives. Lovely things, bees.

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