Filling the Frame – Last Gasp

This is my first go at joining the Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – a weekly theme that seemed to spring up quite organically when the WordPress weekly photo challenge ended more than a year ago. Many thanks to the four fabulous photographers who took on this task; I’ve seen many really great shots from around the world.

The theme this week is ‘filling the frame’ – using the entire photo to convey a message or emotion, instead of leaving negative space or extraneous details around the edges. I was out in the garden yesterday and discovered that this Clematis, Texensis ‘Gravetye Beauty,’ had produced a few more flower buds (plus a flower), perhaps a last ditch effort to reproduce before winter.

Deep red Clematis texensis 'Gravetye Beauty'
Deep red Clematis texensis 'Gravetye Beauty' flower bud


  1. Hello and welcome to the challenge! It’s wonderful that you joined us. Your shots really show the vibrant colors and detail of the plant and the season. You can see the beginnings of the effects of the cooler weather. My favorite is the shot of the closed bud. It conveys a sense of expectancy and it is beautiful. Thanks for joining our photographic “conversation!”

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  2. Is text considered to be extraneous details? Artistically, I think the color was almost as important as the form in conveying what the subject ‘felt’ like, but I (not participating in the challenge) sort of appreciate the text describing the species to. Okay, so I know that is not too artistic.

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