In a Vase, On Monday – Yellow, Red & Purple

Saturday was warm and sunny – the bees were out in droves, another tulip variety opened, were it not for the ticks I would have been gardening in shorts and a t-shirt. And a hat, of course, and not just for sun protection, these days! Sunday, on the other hand, was still warm but we were blessed by day long light showers. Just what the garden ordered, and you’ll likely see raindrops on petals in today’s vases.

That’s right – vases. It’s the time of year when I’m starting to be able to bring lots of different flowers indoors. And this year, more than others, I want as much colour as possible everywhere I go. So this week I’ve had many jars of daffs on many tables and windowsills, and now I’m starting with tulips. And Hyacinths…

My first vase this week showcases Tulip ‘Red Emperor’ – an early flowering single, new to me this year, with some just blooming Forsythia ‘Ottawa Early.’ I think they go well together in the blue glass Hyacinth jar, especially with the green tulip leaf behind it all. Earlier this week I fell in love with the green hips on this tulip…
Those hips don’t lie, I would have thought. I was curious about the colour that would appear on the inside of the flower.
And here it is, a classic yellow centre, to match the yellow Forsythia.
My second vase is kind of a holdover from last week. I kept the little Raku Ikebana vase on the table, replacing spent flowers with a few small red and yellow tulips and a Hyacinth ‘Woodstock.’ The photo at the top of this blog post shows a visitor – it could have come in with the flowers, or just landed there from inside. They’re everywhere this time of year!
Here are those raindrops I was telling you about. This Hyacinth as a nice fragrance, not overpowering, and reminiscent of cloves, to my nose.

These are my vases, containing highlights from my garden this week. If you’d care to see vases of cut flowers from other parts of the world, be sure to visit Cathy’s site – Rambling in the Garden. Stay safe everyone.


  1. These are both wonderful Chris. Tulips have such interesting markings and color. I really like your Hyacinth and can imagine that clove-like scent. Take care.


  2. Lovely bright colors in your vases! I am more of a pastel person, so I enjoy seeing the bright colors in other peoples gardens and vases.
    We had the same weekend weather as you, but our Sunday rain was cold and raw. I’m surprised with how much further north you are than me, that it would be warmer. We’ve had a cold winter here in Ohio, and last night it was down to 30 degrees again. I wonder when it will end. Certainly not typical for this time of year, but the weather never seems normal anymore.

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    1. You’re right, the ‘new normal’ certainly includes temperatures and weather patterns in general. The past few years we’ve alternated between drought and flood – I’m hoping this isn’t a drought year. April has been lacking many ‘showers’ until yesterday…


  3. Rain and lady bugs – you are lucky! The tulips are gorgeous. I especially love the yellow with the red base, which is the perfect subject for a vase like that.

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  4. I love the tulip and forsythia arrangement, just a nice scale and contrast. The hyacinth is the darkest color I have ever seen. How do they look in the garden, are they planted with a lighter color? The scent sounds wonderful.

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    1. The scent is wonderful! They’re planted beside and around tulips, some of which are currently blooming (small, white) and others just starting (tall, red and white ones). Not really the perfect design but very colorful!!


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