Six on Saturday – 08/02/2020 – February, Indoors and Out

Every Saturday, The Propagator encourages gardeners around the world to share six things that are happening in their garden. Here in south eastern Ontario, it’s minus 17 degrees this morning, and there’s a nice blanket of insulating snow covering the gardens and yard, so no pretty pictures of snowdrops or Hellebores! Instead, I’m happy to report that indoors there is colour and outdoors there are small intriguing details to pique interest.

First, indoors:

It’s the second year for this Amaryllis – an unknown variety given to me in a box. The bulb produced two tall stalks this year – I’ll need to transplant it to a larger pot in the spring before putting it outside for the summer.

Next, outdoors:

This small corkscrew hazel – Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’ – is one of the first transplants from my Toronto garden when we moved to the County eons ago. It’s in the back garden, and has stayed small, thanks to both rabbits nibbling the tips in winter and drought stunting growth in the summer. Every year I think about transplanting it to a more visible and fertile spot in the front garden…perhaps this is the year.

And Number Six – last years flower stalks sticking up through the snow -stonecrop Sedum


  1. Hi Chris, according to our French medias, you must be having a hard snowstorm right now.
    – 17 °C ? I wish you courage, but you are used to it.
    You are lucky to still be able to enjoy the flowering of your amaryllis (read my blog and you will understand).
    How small is your corkscrew hazel? I have friends who have one, and it’s over 2.50m tall today. 10 years ago, it was at my belly. Fast growth for that one.

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    1. My corkscrew hazel has stayed about a metre high for many years…. Lots of snow yesterday, but today it’ll be sunny and cold here! Snow a bit further east though – Montreal and Quebec City got walloped with snow this week!

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  2. Well, I’m totally jealous of your snow, as we’ve had NO snow here in southern New Jersey (coastal) yet this year. Ok, a few flakes back in December doesn’t count. I’ve got snow envy! Your comment on the Rheingold made me laugh: because of no snow this year, I’ve enjoyed our Rheingold’s Winter copper color as opposed to the usual yellow-green in the Summer. I also want a corkscrew hazel. I want more plants than we have gardening space.

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  3. Oh sooo cold!

    I don’t think I could cope with that! But I’m a bit envious of your snow – we’ve had a mild winter so far – and not even a flurry of snow. While I don’t like to have to go out in it, I do like to be able to take some photographs of the snow-covered garden.

    Love the shot of your Sedum peeking up through the snow.

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  4. Oh, those last three are silly. It does not snow here. Because it does not snow here, I do not consider what things might look covered by it. Redtwig dogwood is native here, and I even pollard some, but they are not much to look at without a snowy backdrop.

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    1. If we’re lucky we’ll have another month or so of snow cover, followed my March, my least favourite month. The weather in March is so up and down, slushy and muddy, with the tips of bulbs teasing us with an appearance then shutting down ….


  5. Lovely snow photos! I can’t imagine what -17 degrees would be like, after having lived in the sub-tropics for close to 15 years…..The shape of the corkscrew hazel is incredible. Glad you will have some cheer inside with those hyacinths.


  6. O how temptingly beautiful your snow photos are, but having lived in the mountains for decades, once, I’m very happy to not have to deal w/it now. Love your corkscrew hazel. I wish it the most luck w/its move. Your hyacinth photos are very nice.

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