Six on Saturday – 28/03/2020 – Spring-ing

Spring has definitely arrived in Southeastern Ontario, and is paying no attention to the traumatic events happening around the globe. While I’ve had no blooms aside from Snowdrops – and it’s a banner year for them! – and a few crocus (I’ve realized they do not like my limestone filled clay soil…) there are other bulbs quickly pushing their way up. Every day is an adventure in the garden – and since I’m now working from home I get to explore morning, noon and night!

Here are six things now happening in my yard – to see Six things in gardens around the world, be sure to visit The Propagator’s site.

1 – Buds a Bursting! Korean Spice Viburnum and Canada Serviceberry are getting ready!

2 – Bulbs a breaking through! A row of tulips, Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ making an appearance:

3 – Garlic!

4 – Rhubarb!

5 – Moss! It’s stayed a nice green all winter but this week it’s growing like crazy!!!

6 – One last look at my favourite stand of ornamental grass, before it gets whacked back in a few weeks.


  1. I love that we get a chance to look at gardens and think back what ours looked like a few weeks ago. Chris, your moss is quite beautiful, I am getting to notice and admire it more and more. The photograph shows it to great advantage.

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  2. Oh, the moss is so beautiful especially in the first photo showing the contrast between it and the dry fallen leaves. Is that frost I see on the ground? Still cold there, then.

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  3. I absolutely love your moss shots. I have a new found love of moss after visiting Japan last spring. There the gardeners weed the grass from the moss rather than the moss from the grass!

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  4. Rhubarb seems to be more popular than I had thought. I thought I had something special. I notice it in quite a few gardens. Serviceberries are much more popular elsewhere than they are here. We tried growing them, but there was no market for them. I intend to grow them in my own garden for the fruit.

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      1. I stopped wondering a long time ago. The Santa Clara Valley used to be famous for fruits and nuts . . . from the vast orchards. People appreciated their home gardens, and all the produce that we could grow here. No one seems to care anymore.

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  5. Gosh, your world’s bursting! It’s a mark of changing seasons when we cut back certain plants, such as your fav grass. And those little baby garlic! Spring is here.

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